If you knew me…

…you would not be surprised to find me on the edge. Wondering where to go from here.

Living in the here and now, I am always about to move forward, and where I’ll be then is not yet apparent. I might have some idea about where that might be, but I’d rather show than tell. Best to wait and see.

Meantime, what is it like here on the edge? It’s fine. It’s exciting.

It’s the August Bank Holiday. The weather is wet and blustery, and colder than it should be. I’m not going out. The house is quiet. The only other human occupant is asleep. The cat is sitting with his four white paws tucked under him. No one knows what he will do next, but it seems to me that he is rather more predictable. His range of options is smaller. Nevertheless, for him too, in his stillness, he finds the moment fine, and exciting.

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